Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI)

Maximize Your CTV Revenue with Vidillion’s Dynamic Ad Insertion

Content Owners, TV Broadcasters and OTT Operators need to increase ad revenues and make the most of the latest trends and technologies that are available today in order to maximize monetization potential. This is why they require a platform that can precisely target the right audience and seamlessly insert relevant ads across connected TV channels and multiple screens.

Vidillion’s server-side ad insertion system enables video content owners, TV Broadcasters and OTT Operators to monetize content viewed on connected TVs and allows advertisers to reach highly-engaged connected TV viewers.

The server-side solution uses individualized frame accurate DAI ad splicing for linear streams to provide top-notch user-experience, impeccable analytics, and guaranteed video ad views for advertisers.

dai map

Dynamic Ad Insertion
Dynamic solution ensures that the right ad is ready to play each time an ad break comes, and is capable of smoothly and seamlessly scaling to television-sized audience. Solution does personalize, efficient and seamless advertising delivery across our set-top boxes and connected devices.

Multiple Triggers
Ad insertion is triggered by TV broadcaster or linear stream provider, as well as other triggers including SCTE, DTMF, playlist, time duration, HLS Ad markers and RTMP trigger.

Guaranteed Ad Views
HLS-DPI for VOD solution delivers VOD as a live event stream that can be paused without having the ads skipped.

Seamless Viewing Experience
Our In-Stream DAI solution inserts frame-accurate ad splicing that allows content to flow directly to the ad without black screen.

Works with any CDN
Our DAI solution integrates with any CDN companies like Totalstream, Verizon Digital Media Service, Akamai, Highwinds and many more.

Full Control
Advertisers have full control of ad schedules based on customers’ predetermined ad break duration and schedule, making timing and sequencing of ad units efficient even in streamed high-profile live events.

Dynamic Ad Insertion

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