Buttermilk, Server-side Ad Recognition and Replacement

Vidillion's Buttermilk service automatically identifies ad breaks in live/linear streams and VOD content. Our buttermilk service is best solution when triggers like SCTE 35 marks visual, audible or meta-data triggers, including SCTE triggers and DTMF Cue Tones are not available.

Vidillion is introducing new ad identification and replacement service for OTT linear streams that should increase your ad revenues as much as 6x versus pre-roll only. We are fondly calling it “Buttermilk” and the word is spreading.

Here is what we are doing:
We identify the foreign in-stream ad, and replace the ad with an appropriate ad for the viewer, based on their location, language, content genre, device, etc. We do frame accurate ad insertion! Many of the international TV stations don't have ad triggering capability; therefore the majority of OTT streams contain ads that are not applicable to the viewer. Why would a viewer in Los Angeles want to see an ad for a supermarket in Seoul?!

Vidillion’s patent pending SaaS automatically identifies the advertisement, categorizes it, and then has the ability to replace that ad with an ad of the same duration. The benefit to the OTT or IPTV system operator is a large increase in advertising revenues, versus doing pre-roll advertising only. Initial analysis indicates a six fold increase in advertising revenues, versus a simple one minute pre-roll advertisement.

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