VIDtizer, Vidillion’s Ad Exchange

VIDtizer, Vidillion's Ad Exchange, which helps live Content Owners and TV broadcasters monetize their content by connecting their ad inventory with demand. For each individual ad request, Vidillion's patent-pending software collects all available information about the content, ad break, device, viewer and their location, then determines what demand is available to fill that request, and finally builds an appropriate ad pod for the request that will maximize the VSP's revenue. There is DAI-specific functionality included in VIDtizer to ensure that each ad pod will exactly match the duration of the ad break it is filling, so that the timeline of the live broadcast source is preserved.

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Precisely Target Ads
Our solution precisely target ads to viewers based on content, device, profile, geography, activity history, language and context.

Verify Ad Delivery
Our solution verifies ad delivery even during periods of high demand/high traffic

Deliver to Any Internet-Connected Device
Deliver to any Internet-connected including Phones, tablets, Smartphones, TVs and game consoles.

Prevent Overexposure
Prevent overexposure of specific ads to specific viewers

Pre-roll spots offer high ROI to advertisers because viewers must watch the ad before viewing a program. Ads can take advantage of the inherent functionality in viewing devices such as using an SMS call-to-action on a mobile phone. Ads can be delivered in the viewer’s preferred language.

We can meet all your advertising needs:

  • Advanced ad targeting
  • CPM, CPC and Pay-Per-Day
  • In-page ads
  • Interactive ads
  • Mobile ads
  • Game console ads
  • Multiple ad networks
  • Supports over 50 languages

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